A Charity Concert To Aid The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong

suicide prevention starts with suicide awareness

The samaritan befrienders hong kong


We listen to contact the voice of our callers; care to understand the needs of our callers are sensitive to emphathize with the emotions of our callers.We believe people with emotional trouble can be positively influenced by our sincerity, they may acquire our belief that there is always someone concerned about others: Lively Opportunity is Everywhere.


Care means Concern and AcceptancThe heart represents a bridge that links up the understanding and care between people. We put our feet in others' shoes, we care for others' feelings while we care for ourselves, so as to motivate and push others to acknowledge the importance of promoting care for each other.  


To befriend, on humanitarian grounds, people who are facing difficulties or are lonely and depressed, by helping them to regain confidence in life. To publicize and promote the spirit of our service in the community through talks, seminars, research and other means of community service. To help in the South East Asia and neighbouring areas to set up organizations with a nature and mission similar to ours.


 Alive summarizes the goal of our intervention. We hope clients will be encouraged to leap through to the next day.  This explains although our centre provides short-term crisis service and is not designed to replace long-term counselling.  Our goal is to work with the client to safely reach tomorrow. 

Why We're Supporting SBHK

 Suicide Awareness Saves Lives 

Youth suicide rates in Hong Kong are on the rise while discussion around mental health issues remains taboo. Being more open about suicide as a society can be a step towards prevention.

Several of the organisers have been directly affected by loss through suicide. We wish to support the work that Samaritan Befirenders Hong Kong is doing to raise awareness and aid prevention.